Jeep Liberty KJ Old Man Emu Long Travel Shocks - OME-N132L $105.99 each*
Available through ALL J PRODUCTS!  (+tax in CA), plus S&H


All J Products tested all of the other rear shocks that were available for the Jeep Liberty KJ, and we decided we needed to work with Old Man Emu to get you the best rear long travel shock for your lifted KJ Liberty - the OME132L Nitrocharger!   After months of collaboration, Old Man Emu and All J Products came up with a Liberty shock that will fit your KJ when it has up to a 3" lift!!  The OME132L long travel rear shock was designed with the Frankenlift as the application, however, these shocks will work with any lift kit on the market that gives you up to 3 inches of lift. 

The OME-N132L rear shock was designed to give your lifted Liberty MORE down travel for a great off-road experience, and you'll notice you won't have to compromise a comfortable on-road experience to get it! These shocks have a lifespan of approx. 50-80,000 miles depending on driving style and use.

OMEN132L Length Open (extended): 630 mm (approx. 24.80")

OME N132L Length Closed (compressed): 395 mm (approx. 15.55")

Buy a pair of Old Man Emu OME-N132L shocks for your LIFTED Jeep Liberty KJ TODAY!  You, too, will love the way your KJ responds!


"Hi! Wow! I'm really pleased! I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport and today I replaced the Rocky Road shocks
with the Old Man Emu Long Travel OMEN132L shocks and I can't believe it's

the same vehicle. With the Rocky Road shocks the ride was OK unless you

hit a tar strip or anything of any size on the road, then they caused a "Thump" that

was noticeable to anyone riding in the Liberty. Also, the Rocky Road

shocks didn't fit properly from day one, causing me to have to add

washers on the mounting bolts to take up the slop. Also, I had to

frequently spray silicone on the shock mounts to cause a squeaking noise

to disappear. The "new" ride is wonderful. The OME132L Emu shocks soak

up bumps and not pass them on to the occupants. Just enough feedback to let you know what

is going on under your vehicle. Incredible!


Thanks for recommending the OME132L shocks and getting them out to me so quickly. Jim Lewis

P.S. At sometime in the future, I will have to get the Old Man Emu OME N131 front

struts & OME927 front springs."

J. Lewis

All J Products Customer






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