What our Big Bear Business Hours are Like:

OPEN Most Days About 8 or 9

Occasionally as Early as 7, But SOME DAYS

As Late as 12 or 1.

WE CLOSE About 5 or 6

Occasionally About 4 or 4:30, BUT

Sometimes as Late as 11 or 12.

SOME DAYS OR Afternoons We aren't Here At All, and

Lately We've Been Here Just About ALL THE TIME,

Except When We're Somewhere Else,

But, We Should Be Here Then, Too.


So...Give us a call and it's likely that we're going to be here -- if we don't answer the phone right away, we're on the phone with other customers or we're out in the shop with customers.  We promise if you leave a message, WE WILL RETURN YOUR CALL.  :)

Thanks for your patronage...The All J Products' Team


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